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Gyms can be expensive and intimidating, but QCCA’s is friendly and affordable.


Located in the main building in Ashdown Crescent, it has running machines and bikes along with equipment to build muscle tone.


It’s open from 10-6 pm Monday to Friday, with special sessions for different members of the community throughout the week. It’s the ‘60+ afternoon’ every Thursdays from 2pm-4pm and women-only on Mondays and Thursdays,



Inductions take place every Wednesday afternoons by QCCA’s personal fitness instructor, Azmal Hussain. Azmal assesses the fitness levels of new members and plans an exercise programme to suit individual needs.


Drop by and see for yourself!


Opening Times: 10am -6 pm Monday to Friday and Saturdays 10am – 1pm.

Over 60s: Thursdays 2pm -4 pm.

Ladies’ Only: Mondays and Thursdays 10am - 12pm.


Monthly Membership:

£20 Standard

£11 (Camden residents on benefits; students; retired)



£3 per visit Standard

£2 per visit (Camden residents on benefits; students; retired)


If you have any further questions please contact: or call on

020 7267 6635.

Camden Health Kick


Camden Health Kick was a 3-year healthy families project managed by Queens Crescent Community Association in partnership with Kentish Town City Farm and Castlehaven Community Association. We worked together to offer local Camden families free healthy activities to increase the health & well-being of our community members. We offered creative, healthy, and engaging spaces within our facilities that nurtured inter-generational connections.


The Dome

The Dome is a state-of-art sports facility the size of six badminton courts. Although fully booked by schools and youth clubs during the week, it is available for private hire during the weekends and school holidays, from

9am - 9pm.


It is ideal for football, badminton and any activities that need real space. There is a separate building with shower facilities, including a room that is fully disabled accessible. 

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