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Those with a Microsoft Rewards account can redeem their card with their e-mail account to claim a Riot Points Gift Card. You can also earn points for playing the game by participating in various activities, such as watching videos or viewing games on Twitch. Each activity grants one point towards a Riot Points Gift Card, and the activities refresh daily. However, before redeeming a prepaid card, make sure you have enough Riot Points to purchase the items.

League of Legends Pillows

The value of Riot Points is quite high, so it's important to spend them wisely. You'll earn a certain amount of RP from each game, and you can spend it on skins and Champions. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to earn Riot Points, including the use of League of Legends Wallet Cards. Buying skins with this currency can allow you to purchase more champions, improve your skills, and unlock additional levels and visual effects. And don't forget about the value of these cards when you recharge your wallet!


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