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How to become mother of father-in-law's child, I am Bali, read my sex story Noida Escorts Service Father-in-law and Daughter-in-law Sex Story in Hindi: It is true that I am Bali to be the mother of father-in-law's child, it has been almost 7 years since my marriage, my husband works in Delhi I am a resident of Uttar Pradesh, I did not get husband's happiness, because of this I started fucking my father-in-law, the reason for not getting husband's happiness is that he comes for 1 month in a year and does not earn much Is that he can keep me. But the body heat does not go right with me, I also want cocks, not my mother-in-law, and I am the only one in the house,

I do not even have a Gurgaon Escorts Service I black-mailed my father-in-law and forced me to fuck, father-in-law. I do not have a bastard but I could go to any extent to calm my hunger, because of this I did what I liked, now I am pregnant I am not able to understand what my father-in-law is but what do I do? Neither will I find a way out, how did this happen? I tell you ahead, I will not tell my name here. My name is Rashili, I am a resident of Kanpur countryside, I am 22 years old, I got the taste of cocks from my husband, it is not as much as I wanted it,

I used to wander from a boy of some neighborhood. But I was afraid that she should not blackmail, so she was left in my mind, a thought came in my mind, why don't I take a fuck from my father-in-law, even the old one needs fun because the mother-in-law had passed away about 10 years , Then I started putting my father in law. After this, definitely read Mandakini's entire fuck One day the father-in-law was sick, I heated the oil for him and massaged him in the entire body, I groped his entire body with my hand and opened the top hook of the blouse so that he could see my dicks. In this way, the father-in-law looked at me with a peek, I was very happy, then I did something that touched my hand, I was realizing that he was not wanting them, The intention was not bad, but I was anxious to get fuck. I was not in the courtyard in the courtyard the other day, and I deliberately chose the same time when he comes home from the field, left the door open, and I opened my blouse and bra and started bathing, tied on the petticoat waist. Was, Chuchi Yu was open, I started taking a shower of rubbing, not too much that day because the father-in-law had come late, when he came inside the door, he was shocked and I also got upset with Mut, he Seeing me naked, my battered body was ready to blow anyone's senses, they went to the blushing room and I also wore the clothes, I looked at it with a peek and then my dhoti was inflated, maybe their cocks were erect. Was It has been several days like this, but I did not get a chance to get fuck, one day I pretended to have a stomachache at around 2 o'clock in the night and started crying, my father-in-law was upset. No doctor was even close, something could happen in the morning. Was, I said, don't worry, father, even before this happened many times, my mother used to massage hot sarso oil on my stomach, then I would miss it, I said with a moan. Dad immediately went to the kitchen and brought hot oil from the stove, I tried to apply it but I wanted to plant it, I said I will not be able to do it, it will be better if you put it on, his hands start to shake. Daughter how can i After this,

definitely read Mahipalpur Escorts Service, father-in-law and husband Choda together overnight I said no problem, I will not tell anyone, they got ready and started massaging my belly, at the same time I opened the pulse of my petticoat and closed my eyes, he kept applying oil on my stomach and kept looking at my nipples. Akihar, my patience broke down and I said, you give me the happiness that your son did not give, if you refuse, then I spread the word in the whole village that when I was sleeping you did wrong things with me, my father-in-law was upset Have not said that it is not wrong, I cannot do it, at the same time


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