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Applications are now open!

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It doesn't matter how fast you're going if you're going in the wrong direction, right? If you have a solid business idea and you're ready to make that next step to make it reality this is the project for you. Over the 12 summer weeks we'll help you get your foundations right and get you perfectly ready to make an impact with your brand new business! You'll get to know some local business experts, entrepreneurs and fellow founders who will help you find your way in this new role! This combined with a set of sessions, supervised work, 1:1 mentoring and £500 to spend on your business is a recipe for success! Not bad, huh?

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YES PROJECT: Be Your Own Boss will be accepting applications until

Monday 5th July 2021.


Follow the application link to apply. Make sure you give as as much detail as possible. Once you have submitted your application, you should receive an email confirming a time and date for your interview depending on your availability.



During the interview, you will be tasked to pitch your business or business idea to a panel. You will have 10 minutes and your pitch will be followed by questions from the panel



By Friday 9th June, you should be informed if you were successful, following that, you will be provided with the timetable for the whole project.

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04.07 -Applications deadline

6.07 - Contacting candidates

7-9.07 -Live Pitching (each business will need to do a 10 minute pitch)

16.07- Program starts

This is where the fun begins. For the next 12 weeks you will have the chance to learn all things business from successful entrepreneurs! Each weekly session will last for about 3h and will be focusing on a different business aspect each week. Every other week you'll also have an opportunity to work on your business in our venue.

31.10.2021- The program ends 

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Weekly Session Plan


1. Business Model & Structure

2. Marketing & Branding & Website Design

3. Public Relations and Social Media

4. Finance, Budgeting and Investment

5. Sales

6. Networking & Building a Tribe

We might change the session topics slightly depending on your needs.

Every other week instead of a session there will be an opportunity for a 'supervised work'. During this time we will be available to answer your business-specific questions and go through your tasks. 


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My name is Karolina and I'm the founder of THEENK TEA where we make herbal tea blends for mental wellbeing! I took my company from the kitchen table to Selfridges in about 2 years. My expertise lies in helping young start ups (especially product-based) grow their business. Apart from that I'm also an Enterprise & Employment Coordinator her at QCCA. I can't wait to meet you and hear all about what you're building! 

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Hi I'm Khalil! The Project Support Worker!

Project Lead

Project Support

  • Is there a criteria to be involved in this project?
    You will need to be aged between 17-24 and ideally you will not be in education, work or training, although we will consider all apllicants. You will also have to commit to 3 hours per week for in person sessions up until October 2021. You also need to at least have a business idea at this stage.
  • Where can I apply?
    Click the link below which will direct you to an online application form. Go To The Form
  • What will I gain from this project?
    You will be provided with mentoring and business development sessions as well as supervised support, you will have the chance to meet & work alongside like-minded entrepreneurs, network with businesses and experts within certain industries and fields. On top of that you will be able to spend up to £500 on business-related expenses, on us!
  • Will my business have valid insurance?
    Yes, we will ensure that all business taking part in this project have the correct insurance to ensure they can trade successfully throughout the course of this project. All business will need to re-insure once the project finishes in October 2021.
  • Will I be able to keep 100% of my profits?
    To make sure we can provide support to as many businesses as possible we'll ask you to provide 15% of all revenue earned throughout the duration of the project. (July-October 2021)
  • Are there any types of business that are not allowed to sign up?
    Unfortunately, we cannot support business that trade electricals or controlled substances such as drugs and alcohol. We reserve the right to not fund any other businesses that the panel may see as not qualifying.
  • Can I apply if I don't have a business idea yet?
    Unfortunately this project is for young entreprenours with a solid business idea or an early-stage business only. If you don't have a business idea yet, make sure to drop us an email and we'll contact you if there's ever a project for you taking place.
  • Where will the sessions be hosted?
    All sessions will be taking place at QCCA Main Building , 45 Ashdown Cres, Belsize Park, London NW5 4QE We reserve the right to change the venue location at anytime.


We can't wait to hear from you!

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