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Ever thought about running your own business?

Fancy selling some shakes?

Do you have selling skills?

Are you a natural business person that needs that extra bit of support?

Need to EARN some extra cash?


You have a chance to find out the answers to these questions by joining the YES project. You can get involved as well as meet other young business people with similar aspirations.

 “I’ve been in business since I was a 12-year-old schoolkid, really. If there was an opportunity and a demand, I’d be there.” – Alan Sugar

Parents/Guardians, the YES project is a brilliant opportunity for local young people to get involved with, here they will get their first taste of what it is like to run a business from the inside out…young people will be involved in the decision making of how the stall is developed and run, they will also learn key employability and business skills that are transferable in any walk of life…all whist earning a penny.

Young people will get the chance to open up their own business and earn real money!


Brainstorming Session - Young People will brainstorm product ideas and finalise a product to buy/manufacture and sell. They will also have to complete a food hygiene qualification

Fundraising Phase - Young people will set up a stall at Camden Market to sell Milkshakes, slush and snacks to help raise the funds needed to buy equipment and stock for their business. If applicable young people will be supported to develop a business plan and generate funding through business angels or crowd funding.

Selling Phase - Young people will be able to sell their stock through the following means:

o   Stall at Camden Market

o   Shopify (We have been given free online Shopify membership for 1 year)

o   E-Bay


What they will sell initially

  • Milkshakes

  • Coffee/Tea

  • Snacks including; crisps, drinks, chocolates, American sweets, drinks

  • Cakes, cookies, pastries etc

  • Ice cream, popcorn, candy floss

  • After initial months specialize in their own products like t-shirts



Youth Development Programme

The project will run two 10 Week programmes ending in a residential trip.

Junior Programme –  13 - 15 year olds

Senior Programme –  15 - 19 year olds           

The sessions will also work with the young people to produce a short film working with the Producer of ‘Deep It’

The 10 sessions will include; local trips to cinema and bowling, teamwork and leadership, first aid qualification, business/employment support and the rest of the session will be used to develop the short movie.

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