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Queen's Crescent Community Association's (QCCA) board of trustees is talented, visionary and ambitious for the charity. Its members bring a broad range of experience and skills to steering the organisation. Many of them live or work locally.

Over the years they have shown tremendous leadership in growing the organisation and diversifying service provision for the local community. 


Lucian Randall (Chair)

Livia Paggi

Livia is the managing director of J.S. Held LLC, a position that allows her to advise senior leaders - from government, business and the United Nations—on the implications of global political, security and socio-economic developments. Being a frequent commentator for the media, including the BBC and CNN, allows Livia to bring awareness to current issues. As a volunteer for a charity titled 'Speakers for Schools', she is also driven to improve access and quality of education.

Alexander John Geddes

Ismail Jalisi

Ismail is the Co-founder of an engineering consultancy as well as a novel energy startup, with technical and leadership experience within the engineering and energy sectors. With a strong focus on renewable energy coupled with a passion to promote a sustainable future for all, Ismail strives to further innovate the power sector.


James Waite

James is the Director of Marketing and Partnerships at CCMA, a position that allows him to give professional opportunities to individuals who want to work within contact centres. Helping individuals to network, learn and be recognized within the business sector. James' personal goals also reflect that of CCMA, being to help the market industry itself, to raise the importance that this sector has on business success.

James Lyons

James is the current Head of policy communications for Tiktok, as well as the previous director of communications for the NHS. Responsible for overseeing campaigns, media communications and marketing teams, James aims to further modern social media to allow companies to thrive with their usage.

John Cochrane

Jill Fraser

Sharhabell Lone

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